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Our SEO consulting approach is shaped to the custom wants and needs of our clients.  We are your partners in achieving your business goals.  Katana SEO Philippines understands the uniqueness of each of our clients.  Aside from increasing the likelihood of your target customers finding you in their searches, we also aim to solidify your web presence by assessing the behavior of your prospective and present customers.  We also seek to provide you with relevant and trust-worthy content aimed at the right people. Read More >>

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Online Reputation

We, at Katana SEO, would like to extend to you our Online Reputation Management Services. Online Reputation Management is the practice of supervising the internet reputation of a particular person, brand or entity, in which positive information is headlined or accentuated and negative feedback are played down. Read More >>

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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a hybrid of both the creative and the strategic concepts of the web. It integrates the benefits of marketing, public relations, web design, quality SEO press releases and highly technical SEO tactics to completely and effectively capture a company’s online target market. In Katana SEO, your customers will find you. Read More >>

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Social Media Action Plan

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Social networks are also viral. This means that if someone comes across your certain “material”, it can be sent to an infinite number of people. By doing this, you can also increase brand awareness, online presence and importance.

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