Why you’d like to have handbag as a gift?


There is no doubt that women have a lasting romantic relationship with luxury handbags. Comments on wallet blogs, e-magazines, and wallet forums show that some women are really crazy about it. There are women who own hundreds of luxury handbags together worth thousands of dollars. Social media and PhD. Google publishes photos of wealthy celebrities and royalty who go out with different bags for each outfit. They are available in different colors to match any shade and style of their clothes.
Rich and famous people are easy, celebrities and royalty need to have a large collection of luxury handbags. However, a typical working woman or housewife can hardly afford to pay such a high price to realize her dream. In fact, most bag-loving women are giving up on other things to satisfy their desire for new bags.

What was your intention to make a sacrifice for Hermes Birkin, who recently won over $ 200,000 at auction? It is made from exquisite pink crocodile leather and adorned with 18K gold hardware and real diamonds. The basic Hermes cost is at least $ 8,000 and you probably need to be on the waiting list to get it. The luxury handbags haven’t been sold for well below $ 500 these days. In fact, many of the more upscale fashion houses sell bags for well over $ 1000. Personally, I would have to save a lot to become the proud owner of one of these great accessories. The luxury handbags are the ultimate desire of the 21st century and are important not only for wealthy celebrities and royalty, but also for working women in all disciplines. Today, women of all ages can spend more on vacations, jewelry and even handbags than cars. They all have a hidden desire to be noticed.

Theclothes actually outperform luxury handbags. For example, a 2007 ad where Kate Moss is lying naked on the beach wearing only a Longchamp handbag. Her message was clear: clothes are unnecessary-it’s all about bags. So why do women have this romantic relationship with luxury handbags? One of the reasons is that they are personal fashion statements that exemplify the wealth and status of women. They also show how sensitive a woman is to fashion, showing her position and earning power. Also, following the increasing social independence of women over the past 100 years, the popularity of large wallets has increased. Prior to , the role of a woman was generally homely, and she carried her belongings in a purse stored in the folds of her skirt, or in a small purse she had carefully held. .. But as women go out of the house for both leisure and work, larger purses have become a convenient way to bring their belongings. Eleanor Roosevelt

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